Welcome to Island Software Group! We are a Long Island-based company that specializes in web-application development. Using the latest technologies and standards we deliver fluid and powerful solutions to our clients. We also specialize in databases, programming, SEO & SEM, e-commerce, security, Wordpress, CakePHP, office IT, and VFX.

Ever feel like your site is falling apart?

Oh No!! My Site Is Crumbling!!

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Decay is a classic problem on the web: you hired a designer, spent a bunch of money, and launched a great new site! ... 4 years ago. But your designer disappeared as soon as they cashed your check, and since then the trends and capabilities of the web have left your site looking old and awkward. We hear this story all the time, and want you to know we can help. You don't need to completely redo your site either - often a few simple updates will refresh your look and get you back to where you want to be.



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Software, Software, Everywhere

Advance your business to new levels! We can help you find and eliminate the inefficiencies in your business process, and provide custom software solutions to help keep you focused on what you really care about: your clients. We have provided dozens of home-spun solutions to a variety of companies helping them optimize their day-to-day operations, making them more stable and ready to grow.

Here are some of the things in which we specialize:

  • Cloud-based large-scale web applications
  • Database schema design and implementation
  • Comprehensive software security
  • Data-feed processing
  • Custom desktop applications


We can help you find the right software solutions, provide guidance for your current software projects, or simply discuss options and avenues available to you. We can provide project management and guidance, as well as technical training & consulting, office I.T. (hardware replacement, virus recovery, etc.). And if you are ever in a jam, you can even offload parts of any current software project to our team.

Have an existing software suite, but wish you could generate custom reports? We can help. Want to move your CRM system to the cloud? We can help. Our cloud-based solutions are scalable, easy to deploy, feature enterprise-grade security, and include full support.

About Our Team

Our mission is to bring comprehensive software solutions to local businesses and modernize their workflow. We work alongside clients to understand their requirements and constraints, and then we tailor effective solutions to fit their business needs.

Everything looks a little different to us. We see websites and applications in terms of layers of code, data structures, and design patterns. This separates us from many "website companies" and "design firms" because we are a software company first. Our most basic competency is technology, software engineering, and computer science, which expands our wheel house beyond most other web companies. This means more options for you, more scalability, and more reliable implementation of our technology solutions.


No project is too small or too large. We have successfully choreographed multi-year projects with dozen of independently developed moving parts, employing our strong project management skills, all while maintaining clear project focus and client deliverables. We have also gladly taken the role of simple technical contributor, by helping clients offload parts of their work to our team.

Our eagerness to learn and grow, coupled with hard work and deep technical knowledge, has enabled us to forge strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

Marketing & Branding


Your website is only as good as its Search Engine Optimization. If people can't find your site, then it does not matter how nice and new it looks, or what great products or services you have to share. We can assess your entire website, analyze the keywords and competitive landscape, and make the necessay changes to get noticed on Google, Bing, and others.

SEO does not end there. Search engines change their algorithms, and the competition is constantly changing. We provide regular monitoring, and make sure you continue to gain market share.


Paid online marketing represents an enormous opportunity to reach potential clients -- but if done incorrectly, it is an endless black hole with weak results. We are experts in Google AdWords and AdSense, in Facebook advertising, and in a variety of other popular avenues, and we can make sure every dollar you spend online helps to convert real customers.

We can help you to create the right online campaign that targets the right people and brings them to your site, in the most cost effective way.


Social media is one of the best avenue to reach customers and stay current. If done correctly, a social presence not only boosts your ranking in Google, but helps you reach potential customers, improve your brand recognition, and stay close to the pulse of your customers. We can help you setup your social assets, understand the best approach to social outreach, and guide you through maintaining a full social presence.

We are proud partners of the New York-based social media experts, Sircle Media. We can build your social assets and connect them with Sircle Media for a fully-managed comprehensive social solution.


Brand recognition and a clear identity will help separate you from your competition. We can help you unify your branding across your email addresses, your website, and even your business cards. We also work with partners like MailChimp to help you reinforce your brand to your customers.

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